Who is Pink Lemonade?!

♥Take a sip of this sweet and sour tea

Hi! I'm Gaby, aka. Pink Lemonade! First of all, thank you very much for coming, it means a lot to me!

I created this blog with all the love and passion I have, every post is created taking care of every detail and it takes me a lot of time so thank you very much for being here and I hope you like what I do!

Love to value quality over quantity, which means I don't publish like a robot. I like to put my time and heart on every image i create, taking care of details and image quality. I do my best to publish at least 3 looks weekly, different looks for girls and boys.

Yes, all avatars shown in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated, i don't like to focus on one gender but to play with all the gender spectrum of our beautiful world! Boys playing with barbies, girls playing with cars, no labels over here honey!

Wanna talk with me? Contact me here:

Direct inquiries ~ Send a NC in world to: Gᴀʙʏ (gpxcal)
♥(Yes that's me! I'll answer asap when I'm online~)

Wanna have a chit chat? ~ You can send me an PM on my facebook page! 
♥(I answer way faster over there!)

Other Avatars Here: Adrien (adriosl1)

Gaby is mostly for girl stuff while Adrien is only male! I hope this is not an issue for you :)
If i like send a blogger request like in my Adrien avatar like yes it me!

Thank you very much! See you soooon!