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♥♥ Dangerous Bunny ♥

Follow me down the rabbit hole where the party is at! ~
♥Wanna know what's she wearing? The list goes as follow:


HEADPIECE {Lunatic} ⛧ Black Bunny Ears

HAIR {Entwined} ⛧ Lexie

BANGS {yumyum} ⛧ Bangs

SEPTUM {Contrax} ⛧ V Septum

CIGARETTE {Nikotin} ⛧ Cigarette Black

CHOKER {Le Forme} ⛧ Akuma Ring Collar

EARPHONES {MUSCHI} ⛧ Earphones for Cellphones

TOP {Spirit}⛧ Kitty Leather Top

SHORTS {KITJA}⛧ Eli Panties

LEG STRAP {MUKA} ⛧ Leg Strap

LEG HARNESS {Code-5} ⛧ 40MM Bullet Harness V04

SOCKS {Ghoul} ⛧ Ghoul Girl Socks


HEAD {Catwa} ⛧ Catya
EYELINER {Catwa} ⛧Base Eyeliner
LIPSTICK {Catwa} ⛧ Base Lipstick
BODY {Maitreya} ⛧ Lara
SKIN {Deetalez} ⛧ Susanna ~ Catwa Applier

Best Regards
Pink Lemonade / Gaby

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